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Do You Have a Survival Plan?

Do you know how to survive a disaster?

What are your chances of surviving a disaster such as nuclear fallout, financial crisis, floods,
extreme heat or even earthquakes and war? Unless you are prepared, pretty slim. Here are
some vital tips and suggestions to help you improve your chances of survival


My Survival Plan

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My Survival Plan

Welcome to My Survival Plan!

Every living thing is trying to survive. It is the single most potent force within all living things. The mother that lifts the car of her baby with super human strength. The tiny plant that breaks concrete to force its way to the sunlight. The tremendous volume of seeds produced by all living things, this just to ensure that a few survive and carry on the line. Every action is geared to survival. The survival of oneself, one's family, even the group's one belongs to and it extends out for some people to nations, animals and other living things.

My Survival Plan is a one stop site that aims to provide you with all the information you could possibly want or need in the event of a disaster or near disaster. You are encouraged to print out the information on this site and keep it in a safe place along with your survival gear and supplies.

Let's face it. Man has not been particularly friendly to this planet. Even though it is his home, he continues to ravage it and contribute to bizarre weather patterns, interfere with the earth through continual massive testing of nuclear bombs (thousands were tested during the 'cold war'), and war is a daily feature of man these days.

So how do you get through all this? You can't just go away and hide somewhere. You need a plan. You need to be prepared for whatever man or this planet will throw at you. This is where My Survival Plan comes in.

The purpose of this site is simply to help you to survive any disaster that might come your way.

We are gathering up all the information available to present it in one place so you do not have to go searching around for how to survive this disaster, or that disaster.

How to survive such disasters as Tsunamis, Financial meltdowns such as the:

Stock Market Crash 1929
Savings and loans crisis - 1980s
Stock market crash - 1987
Junk bond crash - 1989
equila crisis - 1994
Asia crisis - 1997 to 1998
Dotcom bubble - 1999 to 2000
Global financial crisis - 2007 to 2008
And many others.

Nuclear meltdowns as we have seem recently, volcano eruptions and abnormal weather patterns resulting in cyclones producing devastation. Floods, earthquakes and other forms of disaster.

There are three criteria when it comes to disasters.

1. Being prepared for any disaster

2. Know what to do in the event of a disaster

3. Being able to survive through a disaster and coming out the other side.

Browse the various links to find what to do in any disaster and, as the boy scouts would say. Be prepared!


What is the best Survival Kit you can have? This depends on what disaster you need to survival, A Tsunami, Volcano, Nuclear attack, Flood.
Checkout the reviews below for the best kits available.

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Who are the best supplies of Emergency and Survival Kits?
Who gives the fastest and best service and value for money?
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