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Do You Have a Survival Plan?

Do you know how to survive a disaster?

What are your chances of surviving a disaster such as nuclear fallout, financial crisis, floods,
extreme heat or even earthquakes and war? Unless you are prepared, pretty slim. Here are
some vital tips and suggestions to help you improve your chances of survival


My Survival Plan

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Useful Disaster Apps

There are a number of highly useful disaster Apps for iPhones and Android available. Most of them are free as a basic service but additional benefits can be added for a price. There are different apps to suit difference disasters and scenarios. You can browse them all at the links provided below and select those you feel are appropriate for you. The Red Cross selection of Apps is probably some of the best available. The basic versions are free and available for iPhones and Android phones. These include:

ICE Standard

ICE is a highly useful information about you app which can be accessed in the event of an emergency. If you find yourself in the hospital and unconscious for example the nurses or doctors may have a hard time not only contacting your next of kin but also knowing any issues you may have such as a medical condition and or medications you are on. This can be vital in an emergency such as a heart attack or stroke for example. When this App is loaded you simply fill out the form with the vital information doctors and nurses need. This includes all your emergency contacts, medical conditions, allergies and any medications you're taking. This makes it easy for the medical team to know exactly how to treat you safely. You can even set up your phone so your emergency information is your lock screen so a professional doesn't have to unlock your phone to access the information. The advantages with this app are that all your emergency information is in one place and makes it easy to contact your friends and kext of kin and you can make the information your lock screen. Disadvantages include that you have to upgrade to Smart 911, you have to register online and the risk section can potentially be inaccurate.

Disaster Alert

This app keeps you informed of disasters as they happen around the country. Once loaded up you enter your location and can then check for any emergencies in your area. You can expand the app to cover wider territories such as the entire country or even the planet. Advantages with this App are that you can look at alerts throughout the world, type on an icon to see how serious it is and get notifications when things get near you. Disadvantages are, difficulty navigating, it uses your location even when not using the app and often takes too long to up load.

Winter Survival Kit

This is simply a very large red'I'm Stuck' button you can press on your phone to contact 911 (in the US) in the case of an emergency such as stuck in a snow blizzard or stranded with a car that has died or even lost in the forest or desert. The advantage with this app is that you do not have to fiddle with the phone to locate who to call. Of course there has to be a network connection available and it can sometimes be difficult to navigate.


There is also a Red Cross app which will monitor the area you are in for any activity or issues in your area and Life360 app which performs the same type of actions as WhatsApp or Line where you can set up a group family communications to pass messages to each other and advise each other where you are. The additional facility this app has is once each of your family are registered you can track where they are. Whether you and your family want this type of facility is very much a personal thing of course.

There are apps for both iPhone and Android phones at Red Cross Disaster Apps

Other Disaster Apps

Disaster Alert

This app is an interactive map showing all current active hazards around the globe. These include:

Hurricane/Tropical Cyclone (global)
Earthquake (global)
Flood (global)
National Weather Service High Surf (for Hawaii)
National Weather Service High Wind (for Hawaii)
National Weather Service Flood (for Hawaii)
Manmade (global)
Marine (global)
Storm (global)
Tsunami (global)
Volcano (global)

The Active Hazards can be viewed either on an interactive map or in the Alert list. You can search for location (quick zoom), choose background map, get "more info" for most Active Hazards, receive automatic updates every five minutes and select your preferred time zone.

The link for all these apps is at Free disaster App

SirenGPS Mobile

The SirenGPS Mobile app will connect you to emergency services by tapping the screen. It will then advise emergency workers where the you are. The app works over cell networks as well as on Wi-Fi in the eventuality cell networks are down after an emergency. As with the Red Cross ICE app you can create a personal health report to share with emergency services with information about medications, allergies and any other medical information important to treatment decisions.

It is available for iPhones and iPad at SirenGPS Mobile Apple, and for Android at SirenGPS Mobile Android


What is the best Survival Kit you can have? This depends on what disaster you need to survival, A Tsunami, Volcano, Nuclear attack, Flood.
Checkout the reviews below for the best kits available.

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