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Do You Have a Survival Plan?

Do you know how to survive a disaster?

What are your chances of surviving a disaster such as nuclear fallout, financial crisis, floods,
extreme heat or even earthquakes and war? Unless you are prepared, pretty slim. Here are
some vital tips and suggestions to help you improve your chances of survival


My Survival Plan

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Homefront Emergency

Home Front Emergency

Rick Hardin, a former Paramedic, Red cross Disaster Chairman, active volunteer Fireman Fire Chief among other related duties is the President of Homefront Emergency.

He states on their website, "We are dedicated to customer service excellence, and delivering the highest quality products to our customers."

As well as an extensive range of survival kits and other ancillary survival products Homefront Emergency also offers onsite workshops and education in disaster preparedness.

Kits, supplies and other products include:

Auto Emergency Kits
Survival Cave Freeze Dried Foods
Back Pack Survival Kits
Office Survival Supplies
Bridgeford Ready To Eat Sandwiches
Food Bars and Water Supplies
Emergency Survival Kits for the Home
Long Term Food Storage
Xcaper Smoke Masks
Bridgford Shelf Stable Meal Kits
Code-Red 7 day Survival Kit
Mayday Food Bars
Search and Rescue Equipment
Pandemic Protection
Emergency Radios and Solar Lights
Mainstay Emergency Food Bars
Disaster Preparedness
Millennium Energy Bars
Mayday Emergency Drinking Water Pouches
Freeze Dried Food
OSHA Approved First Aid Cabinets
Bug-Out Survival Kit
Personal Hygiene Supplies
Team Leader Floor Warden Response Kit
Roadside Emergency Kits

Oen can also Shop by Category

Survival Kits
Auto Emergency Kits & Supplies
Backpack Emergency Survival Kits
Office Emergency Survival Kits
Home Emergency Survival Kits
HeaterMeals: Self Heating Ready to Eat!
Bridgford Ready to Eat Sandwiches
Food Bars

Water & Supplies
Wise Foods Long Term Food Storage
Home and Personal Safety
C.E.R.T. Supplies
Communication Supplies

Sleeping & Shelter
Fanny Pack Kits/p>

Small Survival Kits
First -Aid & Trauma Kits
First-Aid Supplies
Metal Commercial First-Aid Cabinets
Pet Emergency Kits

Radios & Lighting
Ebola and Flu Protection
Sanitary & Hygiene
Search & Rescue Triage and I.C.
Backpacks-Tools & Misc. Items
XCAPER Protective Masks
Survival Cave Freeze Dried Foods & Canned Meats

You can order online at Homefront Emergency. For large quantity order, commercial orders and custom orders contact at their customer service number:1-877-787-6800. or e-mail them at

Homefromt Emergency accept all the major credit cards plus money transfers, personal and business checks (which will be subject to clearing before an order is shipped - this can be 7 to 10 days)

To pre-pay an order by check e-mail them your order. They will calculate any sales tax and or shipping charges and provide you with a total. You then send them a check to:

P.O. BOX 68 KNEELAND, CA. 95549

Businesses, Corporations and Government requiring a net 30 day direct bill account can do so by contacting their corporate accounts customer service at 1-877-787-6800 or e-mailing them to set up an account.

A UPS or trucking tracking number is assigned to each order. You should receive an e-mail when your order ships with this tracking number. If not and you wish to track the shipping of your order call customer service

Returns and cancellations
Homefront Emergency has extensive returns and cancellations policy and this should be reviewed if the need arises at their POLICY PAGE for information:

Mailing Address:
Kneeland, Ca. 95549

Homefront Emergency have a very extensive range of products and this makes for a good browse on their website. They take pride in being one of the better survival kit suppliers in the USA.

If you have any feedback on the company please feel free to leave it on the feedback page.


What is the best Survival Kit you can have? This depends on what disaster you need to survival, A Tsunami, Volcano, Nuclear attack, Flood.
Checkout the reviews below for the best kits available.

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Who gives the fastest and best service and value for money?
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