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Do You Have a Survival Plan?

Do you know how to survive a disaster?

What are your chances of surviving a disaster such as nuclear fallout, financial crisis, floods,
extreme heat or even earthquakes and war? Unless you are prepared, pretty slim. Here are
some vital tips and suggestions to help you improve your chances of survival


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A hurricane is basically a tropical cyclone. This is a rotating storm system with a low pressure in the centre and strong winds spiralling around it and producing heavy wind and rains. These days they can be detected fairly early and are often given names.

Here is a picture of Hurricane Isobel seen from a satellite in 2003. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

Hurricane Isobel

Hurricanes can vary in size and wind speed. Here is a table of the five main categories. Weather departments will usually give a warning of an impending hurricane or cyclone and its category.


Cyclones and hurricanes usually form around specific areas at certain times of the year as shown below but they can form anywhere depending on weather conditions.

hurrican Seasons

What to do when a hurricane is impending.g> This will depend on the category but it is very simple and very basic. With a category One and possibly Two depending on the structure of your home, you can usually sit it out. Three and above means it is wise to leave the area. Considerable damage and flooding can cause homes to be washed away. Evacuating the area is the most sensible course of action. Emergency Services will usually be alerted and their directions should be followed.

If you live in a hurricane prone area you would likely have some experience and be aware of what needs to be done. If not then these notes may be of value to you in the event that a hurricane or cyclone does appear on your doorstep.


What is the best Survival Kit you can have? This depends on what disaster you need to survival, A Tsunami, Volcano, Nuclear attack, Flood.
Checkout the reviews below for the best kits available.

Survival Kits


Who are the best supplies of Emergency and Survival Kits?
Who gives the fastest and best service and value for money?
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