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Ready Store Review

survival kit

Ready Store is perhaps one of the most comprehensive survival sites in terms of kits and other survival items in the US.

Ready Store was started by Jeff Davis and his wife Amy just after the 9/11 disaster and left his full time job to start the business building it from the ground up. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Saratoga Trading Company established in 2002.

"I had no idea how to run an online business at the time," Jeff said. "I quit my job cold turkey without any security for my family or an idea for a business." Looking back, Jeff admits it probably wasn't his most thought out move.

Their main focus was the 72 hour kits which they felt many people in financial trouble needed and Amy got to work on the promotion of the 72 hour kits.

"She had taken pictures of our family's 72-hour kit and designed them to be sold online." Jeff posted the pictures and started to sell the kits online. "Within a couple hours we had our first sale."/p>

That same day, as more and more customers continued to place orders on their website, they bought extra emergency supplies and started to assemble more kits in their basement and to ship them to their customers.

As the business began to grow, they moved the "warehouse" from their basement to an actual warehouse in Provo, Utah. They began to take on more employees and moved to Bluffdale, Utah, after that. The company continues to grow and currently has two warehouse locations and one of the largest online distributions of any emergency preparedness companies.

The Company also grew to include more than 72-hour kits and now sells all types of emergency supplies, food storage and many other preparedness items. The company is now one of the largest online emergency preparedness companies in the country, selling their products through website.

"We had our start from very humble beginnings," he said. "I think this has given us a unique view on how to help the average American to prepare. While other companies might be more focused on numbers or statistics, our situation helps us remember what's really important - helping families get prepared."

"Our motto is that if it's not good enough for my family, it's not good enough for our customers! You can always expect that from us!"

Ready Store supplies an extended range of food stuffs suitable for storage and survival such as:

Food Types
ReadyQuick™ List
Main Entrees
Meats & Eggs
Beans & Legumes
Pasta & Potatoes
Grains & Flours
Drink Mixes
Cooking Basics
Sauces & Seasonings
Meat Substitutes - TVP
Seeds & Plants
Calorie Bars
Survival Supplements

Supply Sizes range from short term supplies to 3, 6 and 12 month supplies.

They supply the following brands:
Saratoga Farms™
Mountain House

Also addition items such as:
Storage shelves
Specialty Foods
Low Sodium
Survival Kits
Warmth & Shelter
Sanitation & Hygiene
First Aid & Medical
Tools & Supplies
Books & Info
Light & Communication
Cooking & Fuel, and
Emergency Power

Price Match Guarantee
Ready Store offers a Price Match Guarantee which means that if you find the same product at a lower price by a competitor with 10 days of your original order, Ready Store will match that price and refund you the difference.

Of course the match must be exactly the same in terms of product and manufacturer and including shipping and handling and applies only to other US commercial suppliers.

There is an extensive FAQ covering such matters as:

Food Storage FAQs General Food Storage Freeze-dried Food Storage Dehydrated Food Storage Products & Brands Water Storage FAQs MRE FAQs Emergency Supplies FAQs Store Policies FAQs The Ready Store FAQs

Payment is through credit card and this comes up when you go to checkout after adding items to your cart. Credit Card is processed through the Authorize.Net system. Check and money order payment is are available but there is a delay of up to ten days while funds clear before an order is shipped.

If you create an account there are various bonuses and incentives available also.

Ready Store ships only to the USA and Shipping is free for orders above $100. For orders lower than $100, a flat-rate $9.95 charge is applied to your order. Delivery time will depend on your location in the United States and most purchases usually take 2 - 5 business days to arrive.

They ship most orders within a couple of days and they e-mail you a FedEx or OnTrac tracking number so you can track your shipment.

Shipping to Alaska or Hawaii is different. They ship to Alaska and Hawaii of course but in that case, orders must be placed over the phone and shipping costs apply.

Return Policy
Ready Store has a return policy of course.

Items that are damaged or defective may be returned within 180 days of the original shipping date and will be fully refunded or replaced absolutely free of charge.

Orders that are refused or are undeliverable will be refunded in full minus the cost of shipping to the customer's location. However, you may also be charged a 15% restocking fee.

To return an item you will need to call Ready Store on 1-800-773-5331 and get a Return Authorization Number. This is used to track and process the return. Ready Stores say that all returned items must also be in their original packaging and in new condition so ther item can go back into stock.

Contact Details
Address: Ready Store National Headquarters
14015 S Minuteman Drive
Draper, Utah, 84020
Retail Store Hours: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday
Phone: 1.800.773.5331

Other Services
Ready Store offers useful survival information which you can find by scouting around the site, They have a regular Newsletter and a Blog and work to provide a one stop shop for all the customers survival needs. There are some useful items on the website, a food storage, water and MRE shelf life calculator for example, current weather in the US, calculators and more.

They were also named Best Food Storage Company in 2014, being awarded the 2014 Gold Award and the 2014 Excellence Award. The Ready Store also won the same award in 2011, 2012 and 2013 making it the leader in emergency preparedness four years running.

"We have always tried to provide service and products that exceed expectations," said The Ready Store President Paul Fulton. "It's great to be honored with the title of the best food storage and emergency preparedness company in the nation."

The review was based on TopTen's thorough analysis of different companies' food storage duration, quality, shelf-life, price, nutritional value and variety. With The Ready Store's wide selection of food types, year supplies, meals, desserts, vegetables and more, they scored a perfect 10 in the category.

"The Ready Store emergency preparedness website is perfectly organized with categories, tabs and topics," wrote TopTen Reviews in their review. "This emergency preparedness store continued to impresses us as we moved through the site."

The Ready Store also received accolades because of their education efforts. The Ready Store operates The Ready Nation - an online community that aims to teach people about emergency preparedness, food storage during an emergency and other tutorials. The Ready Nation blog contains hundreds of articles, tips and tutorials which are posted on a daily basis.

The review also analyzed the company's water storage products, emergency supplies and disaster kits. They also received raving reviews for their customer service, emergency plan helps, site ease-of-use and more.

We give Ready Store 10 stars **********

If you have any feedback on the company please feel free to leave it on the feedback page.


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