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Do You Have a Survival Plan?

Do you know how to survive a disaster?

What are your chances of surviving a disaster such as nuclear fallout, financial crisis, floods,
extreme heat or even earthquakes and war? Unless you are prepared, pretty slim. Here are
some vital tips and suggestions to help you improve your chances of survival


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Volcanic Eruption

If you live near an active volcano, eruption is an ever present danger. Of course the simple solution is to move away from the area and to where a volcanic eruption will not affect you.

However, this may not be possible and also even if you are far away and not subject to the immediate results of a volcanic eruption such as lava flow; the effects can still be far reaching. Volcanic dust and hot ash can carry for miles on the wind and be deposited sometimes hundreds of miles from the source.

So what steps can you take to protect yourself from the effects of a volcanic eruption?

Firstly, if you live near a volcano that you know is about to or is actually erupting. Move! Grab anything of value and get away fast. Lava flows can travel as fast as a car down a mountain and will sweep away everything in its path. The further away you can get the better. Of course you may not be the first person in the area to want to get away. So the earlier you start the better chance you have before the road clog up with people frantically trying to leave the area. As soon as you know or suspect an eruption is about to take place, that is the time to leave, even if it turns out to be a false alarm. Better to be safe than sorry.

Do not forget any pets.

Secondly even if you live some distance away, the fall out of hot ash, dust etc. is an ever present danger.

In this case moving is unlikely to make a lot of difference and so other measures should be taken. If you are in your own home the following actions can be undertaken to reduce exposure.

1. Get a hose and spray the house with water, make it as wet as you can. This may help to reduce the possibility of burning from hot ash falling from the sky.
2. Close all doors and windows.
3. Ensure you have the following equipment.

a. Fire Extinguisher(s)
b. Dust masks
c. First Aid Kit
d. A salve for burns
e. Torches and batteries. Power may go off if power lines are brought down.
f. Food and water for an extended stay.

4. Keep up with the news from emergency services. They will generally let you know when it is safe to go outside again.

If you are in an office building follow the directions of the Fire Wardens. They are usually trained in emergency procedures and will advise what to do.

If you are outside, cover your mouth with a handkerchief or some cloth to prevent breathing in ash and dust. Then find shelter as quickly as possible in a house or building. If you have the chance to get underground that is better provided the entrance can be either blocked of, closed or otherwise made safe so dust and ash does not enter.

The whole idea is to protect yourself and others from the effects of a volcanic eruption.


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